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Helping folks explore the Great Sacandaga Lake Region for Sacandaga Real Estate of:   Sacandaga River Reservoir, Broadalbin real estate, Gloversville, Amsterdam, Florida, Wells, Hope, Mayfield, Day, Perth, Edinburg, Johnstown, Northville, Northampton, Ephratah, Caroga, Bleecker, Stratford, Oppenheim, Fulton County, Hamilton County, Speculator, Lake Pleasant, Morehouse, Piseco, Arietta and more.  Adirondack Country Homes Realty, Route 30, Speculator, NY by Jamie Sawyer, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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Sacandaga Regional Business Directory

Brought to you by "In And Around The Adirondack Park" (IAATAP)

D.R. March


There is so much to see on and around the Great Sacandaga Lake that it would take days to see it all.  Between antique shops and the small towns on the shores it is a mini paradise.  This area is also steep in history, from the Mohawk Indians to Sir William Johnson.  This area back around the turn of the century was an area of luxury.  Gloversville and Johnstown, were known as "Glove Cities" for their top quality leather.  Amsterdam was then known as "Carpet City".    Below  are local business in the Sacandaga Region that our visitors may enjoy viewing.   Please explore and come visit often.  For those relocating, or enjoying a second home, this directory is built for you too.   Whether you are a visitor, or residence, please enjoy our useful directory.  Underlined postings include hyperlinks for your convenience.     


Please visit and patronize Adirondack businesses so it can be enjoyed for generations to come.  Proudly covering towns of Broadalbin, Day, Edinburg, Hadley, Hope, Mayfield, Northville and others.


A       Area Code 518
  A-Cut Above 27 Park Ave Fonda 853-3104
  Accommodations (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Adirondack Alternative Energy 98 Northville Road Edinburg 863-4338
  Adirondack Animal Land   Northville 883-5748
  Adirondack Baptist Church 1431 State Highway 29 Gloversville 883-4125
  Adirondack Book Nook 74 North Main Street Gloversville 725-2023
  Adirondack Country Store   Northville 863-6056
  Adirondack Elixir Co. 890 South Shore Road Edinburg 863-2431
  Adirondack Hair Design 86 Horse Hill Road Edinburg 863-1076
  Adirondack Mechanical Corporation 444 County Highway 126 Broadalbin  
  Adirondack Stained Glass Annex   Northville 863-4821
  Adirondack Used Cars 429 State Highway 349 Gloversville 725-0777
  Allen & Palmer
True Value Hardware
  Northville 863-4717
  Alley Charles & Joan (automotive) 138 Lampman Road Broadalbin 883-3898
  Ambulance Service of Fulton County Inc. 8 Frontage Road Gloversville 725-3667
  American Legion
  • 19 North Main Street, Broadalbin, 883-3531

  • Pavilion, 11 E. Borad St, Broadablin, 883-2694

  • 200 N. Main Street, Gloversville 725-1417

  Attorneys   (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Banknorth Insurance Agencies   Northville 863-4315
  Barbara Lee's Furniture   Northville 863-4366
  Baum Ca-5261binet & Reproduction Co. 154 Rebisz Road Broadalbin  
  Benson, Town of
  • Supervisor 863-4969

  • Town Clerk, 863-6904

  • Justice, 863-6083

  • Highway, 863-8919

  • Assessor, 924-2781

  • Tax Collector, 863-8248

  • Animal Control, 863-8919

  • Historian, 862-6094

  • Code Enforcement, 681-5261

  Bill's Barber Shop   Northville 863-8875
  Biking (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Boudreau's Garage 84 Northville Road Edinburg 863-4919
  Boy Scouts of America Twin River Council 40 North Main Street Groversville 725-3466
  Bradt's Wildlife Museum   Northville 863-4040 
  Bramer Auto Sales 937 State Highway 30 Northville 863-4449
  Broadalbin, Town of (web site)      
Broadalbin Auto Service 23 Pine Street Broadabin 883-6091
Broadalbin Baptist Church 40 West Main Street Broadalbin
  Broadalbin Christian Book Store 16 Main Street Broadalbin 883-8306
  Broadalbin Volunteer Ambulance Corps. 8 Center Street Broadalbin  
  Broadalbin-Perth Central School 14 School Street Broadalbin  
  Brownell Lumber Company 96 Northville Road Edinburg 863-4337
  Briggs-Rowback Construction 424 Union Mills Road Broadalbin  
  Buanno's Body Shop 1036 East Fulton Ex Gloversville 773-7491
  By Rose Collision Repair Center 275 South Main Street Gloversville 725-3132
  Cabin Fever   Northville 863-4828
  Camping  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Campers Last Stop of America Houseman Street Northville 863-4118
  Capital Adirondack Scene Graphics 89 South Shore Road Edinburg 863-2431
  Center of Attraction (beauty salon) London Bridge Road Caroga Lake 835-4091
  Chambers Jim Marine Inc. 604 Country Highway 110 Broadalbin 883-3967
  Chambers of Commerce (calendar of events)  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  ChasCad Design   Wells 924-5592
  Chase Auto Body 694 Country Highway 123 Mayfield 683-4779
  Citizens Communications (telephone)     800- 921-8104
  Coloney Center (grocery)   Northvile 863-4363
  Contractors  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Commonground Gallery   Northville 863-4693
  Country Cutters & Tanning   Mayfield 661-5099
  Cozzolino-Zarrelli Marie CPA 234 Kingsboro Ave Gloversville 725-1406
  Custom Woodcraft &
McGregor's Stoves
State Route 30 Mayfield 661-5914
  D & H Fuel and Oil, Inc   Northville 661-5612
  Dasher, G. Dr.   Northville 863-4200
  Debra Lee Trailer Haven 159 Sinclair Road Edinburg 863-2197
  Decorate  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Design One Graphics   Northville 863-6269
  Dodge House Lakeside Gallery, The 936 South Shore Road Edinburg 863-2201
  Dining  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Edinburg Common School 4 Johnson Road Edinburg 863-8412
  Edinburg Marina, Inc. (snowmobile too!) 140 North Shore Road Edinburg 863-8398
  Edinburg Newsletter 819 North Shore Road Hadley 863-2075
  Edinburg, Town of (web site)      
  Edinburg Town Hall 45 Military Road Edinburg  
  Esler's Garage 231 South Main Street Northville 863-4616
  Embree's Wine & Spirits 3672 State Highway 30 Broadalbin  
  Ephratah Rod & Gun Club 372 State Highway 67 Ephratah 993-3061
  Etek Design Corp   Northville 863-8109
  Esler's Garage 231 South Main Street Northville 863-4616
  First Presbyterian Church 54 West Main Street Broadalbin 883-8086
  Fishing  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Flying  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Fuller's Corner Store and Café 72 Northville Road Edinburg 863-4190
  Fulton County Museum   Gloversville 725-2203
  Fulton County SPCA 486 Stevens Mills Road Broadalbin 883-4000
  Golf  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Gifford, Brian, accountant 290 Paradise Point Road Mayfield 661-5263
  Gifford Oil Co.   Northville 863-4111
  Grand Union Grocery Store   Northville 863-6776
  GRANDVIEW Mini Golf   Northville 863-4882
  Gruet, Larry, R. - DO   Northville 863 4371
  Guides  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  H & P Motors Inc. 67 South Main Street Gloversville 725-0121
  Halpin Used Auto Parts   Northville 863-4906
  Havlick SnowShoe Co Route 30 Mayfield 661-4644
  Hikes  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Hollister and Sons Heating & Cooling 194 County Hwy 110 Broadalbin  
  Hoyt & Preston Attorneys & Counselors at Law 3734 State Highway 30 Broadalbin 883-4816
  I-GO-INN 241 South Shore Road Edinburg 863-9907
  Image Construction Salon 3717 St Highway 30 Broadalbin 883-8300
  J & S Old Country Store 930 South Shore Road Edinburg 863-4949
  Jack Manley Wooden Boats Second Third Street    
  Jankowski Agency, Inc. (insurance) 7 West Main Street Broadalbin  
  J R Auto (auto & towing) 321 Old Corinth Road Hadley


  Jean's Beauty Boutique 59 Fourth Ave Gloversville 725-5070
  JEG Construction 62 Military Road Edinburg 863-2061
  Jewish Community Center 28 Eeast Fulton Gloversville  
  JM Yeates Graphic Design   Northville 863 7075
  Johnny's Barber Shop 93 East Fulton Street GLoversville 725-8008
  Kennyetto Engraving 170 Stevers Mill Road    
  Lake View Orchards   Northville 661-5017
  LaPort's Bait Shop 11 Sinclair Road Edinburg 863-8672
  Lanzi's on the Lake   Northville 661-7711
  Lee & Mason Financial
Services, Inc
  Northville (800) 533-9469
  Lohse Florist 93 East State Road Gloversville 725-2623
  Looking Glass Salon 27 West Main Street Broadalbin 883-5266
  Mayfield Yacht Club 214 Lakeside Drive Mayfield 661-9900
  Midway Auto Service Inc. 366 Co Hwy 126 Broadalbin  
  Montoney's Marine 2367 State Highway 30 Mayfield 661-6473
  Mountainview Custom Framing 18 North Main Street Broadalbin  
  Museums  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Main Street Kitchenette   Northville 863-4362
  NRW Associates, Tumble Inn, (mobile sites) 261 South Shore Road Edinburg  
  Nor-Trac Motorsports Inc. 44 West Main Street Mayfield 661-5262
  North Country Florist & Gift Shop   Northville 863-4374
  Northampton Animal Hospital   Northville 863 8631
  Northampton Beach Campground     Northville

(800) 456-CAMP

  Northampton Historical Museum South Main Street Northville  
  Northampton Marina 284 Houseman Road Northville 863-8127
  Northampton United Methodist Church South Shore Road at Fish House Road Hagaman 842-1132
  Northville 5 & 10   Northville 863-4424
  Northville Boatyard 1091 State Highway 30 Northville 863-8822
  Northville Liquor Store   Northville 863-4121
  Northville Robin   Northville 863-8901
  Northville Septic Services   Northville 863-4326
  Olde Country Store, The   Northville 863-2110
  Park Marine Base 199 Country Highway 152 Northville 863-8112
  Parkers Pooches 4129 Rockwell Ave Hadley


  Pine Crest Stables 129 County Highway 110 Broadalbin  
  Pine Tree Rifle Club 419 Johnson Ave Gloversville 762-4033
  Plateau Sky Ranch Airport Airport Road Edinburg 863-2409
  Plug's Plus Auto Supply   Northville 863-6321
  Ponderosa Pines Resort 770 North Shore Road Edinburg/Hadley 863-4848
  Powerhouse Motor Sports 2493 State Highway 30 Mayfield 661-7787
  Public Beaches Town Park- Batchellerville Bridge Edinburg  
  R.J. Morrison Insurance
Agency, Inc
  Northville 863-4224
  Railroads  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Rauch Bakery Co. 15 Washington Street Gloversville 725-4615
  Raywood Marine Canvas & Upholstery 107 Woods Hollow Road Broadalbin 883-5809
  Red Barn   Northville 863-4828
  Reid's Income Tax & Bookkeeping Services 213 North Main Street Gloversville 725-5121
  Rite Aid Pharmacies   Northville 863-6531
  Robert J. Hoy Agency Inc. (insurance) 14 Center Street Broadalbin  
  Ronald Brownell Lumber and Pallets, Inc. 88 Northville Road Edinburg 863-4321
  Ruby & Quiri Inc (Appliance Dealers) 50 Elmwood Ave Gloversville 725-7115
  Ryan's Lakeside Marine 322 Lakeside Drive Mayfield 661-5031
  S&H Records & Books   Northville 863-4026
  Sacandaga Awnings & Boat
263 Country Road 113 Northville 863-4348
  Sacandaga Dog Supply & Feed Store   Northville 863-8721
  Sacandaga Elks Lodge 120 Washington Street Gloversville 773-4628
  Sacandaga Golf Course   Northville 863-4887
  Sacandaga Outdoor Equipment & Self Storage Route 30 Northville 863-2336
  Sacandaga Outdoor Center One Whitewater Way Hadley 696-RAFT
  Sacandaga Therapeutic Massage 1076 County Highway 110 Broadalbin  
  Sacandaga Valley Arts Network   Northville 863-8797
  Scissor Shoppe Unisex   Northville 863-8758
  St. Joseph's Catholic Church North Main Street Broadalbin 883-3774
  St. Kolbe Networking 187 County Highway 155 Broadalbin  
  Shopping  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Skip's (Automotive) Services   Northville 863-4412
  Solid Rock Ranch 222 Country Route 43 Northville 863-4877 
  Snowmobile  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Spas & Health  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Springers Stables 128 Lakeview Road Broadalbin  
  Shrader & Shrader Business Systems 11 Windsor Drive Gloversville 725-3591
  Starlite Lanes (bowling) 9 Montegomery Road Gloversville 725-2424
  Stinky Art Company 142 North Main Street Northville 863-7051
  Streamlines   Northville 863-1009
  Sterling Computers and Graphics 819 North Shore Road Hadley 863-2409
  Sterling Heat and Refrigeration 819 North Shore Road Hadley 863-2409
  Stewart's Shops   Northville 863-2475
  Stinky Art Company   Northville 863-7051
  Stourbridge Trappings 51D South Main Street Gloversville 752-5577
  Styles by Jill   Northville 863-2277
  Susan J. Walter Inc. (payroll, accounting) Fish House Road Broadalbin  
  T J's Discount Beverage Center 60 Elmwood Ave Gloversville 773-BEER
  Terry Warner-Interesting Autos   Northville 863-4756
  Thyme & Again   Northville 863-7137
  Utilities  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Uz-ed Guaranteed Appliances 37 E Tenth Ave Gloversville 725-0541
  Village Accounting Services 103 North Main Street Broadalbin (informative site of the area)
  Walleye Wizard Guide Service   Mayfield 518-725-8609  
  Waterways  (pop up - visit IAATAP)      
  Weller Home Care Products 410 Ridge Road Broadalbin  
  Wesleyns Church   Hadley 696-4552
  White Holland House 1520 State Highway 29 Gloversville  
  Wilkinson Memorial Book Station, Inc. 25 North Main Street Broadalbin  
  YMCA Boulevard Child Care 58 East Boulevard Gloversville 725-8069
  Zara Home Improvements 177 County Highway 126 Broadalbin